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Change Through Sport

For over 10 years, we have addressed racial, socio-economical, and accessibility barriers to participation in sports with the Rexdale, and visually impaired and blind communities in Toronto. Despite the interruption of COVID-19, the need remains and thus our work continues. We remain steadfast in our commitment to the work ahead of us and invite you to join us in creating a more just and equitable world!



Keep Up Challenge is now OPEN for voting!  Visit our Instagram page to get your votes in!


Week 4 Fitness Challenge 60 minutes or more of any physical activity is LIVE and our volleyball Keepup Challenge deadline has been extended!


Week 3 Fitness Challenge 30 minutes or more of any physical activity is LIVE. 


Week 2 Fitness Challenge 30 minutes or more of walking or jogging is LIVE.


Week 1 Fitness Challenge with Keep Up with Rexdale is LIVE.  30 Burpees or more - let's go!!! Sign Up Now!


Get ready - we are set to launch our Keep Up with Rexdale contests on June 1st, 2021 in collaboration with ParticipACTION.  To win prizes, sign-up!  See Contest Information.


On May 5 from 5:00-6:00PM EST, our Toronto Blind Tennis program director, Jerome Chan, will speak at CNIB about blind tennis. Register and listen in to learn more about sports adapted for the visually impaired!  See CNIB website.


We are recipients of a $1000.00 gift certificate through First Book Canada to access their Marketplace for books and literary resources! This was made possible due to Bank of Montreal's donation to First Book Canada.  Thank you!


Our online blind tennis challenge at home has begun! Chris Lucy, an Ontario B3/B4 player currently holds the record for 148 consecutive rallies against the wall! See the Facebook video.


Congratulations to Azim Raheem from our Rexdale community for signing with Harvard University! See the CBC Feature.

Jaki Ellis, a former Canadian National Team Member, conducts a volleyball clinic with Rexdale youth and gifts her national jersey away!


Longest rallies:

Tammy A., Ontario - B1: 5

David B., Ontario - B1: 10

Chris L., Ontario - B3/B4: 200

Thank you to all the participants who joined the at the stay-at-home blind tennis challenge. We are also happy to hear that new players in Nova Scotia has taken up the adapted sport of blind tennis! 

With restrictions lowered, we hope to play in-person this season. Stay tune to our updates!  Stay active!


We are pleased to announce our pilot in partnership with Iroquois Tennis Club in Scarborough, Ontario. 

We will launch our first session on June 27, 2021 from 3:00PM-5:00PM EST. COVID19 protocols must be adhered to. Please contact us for more details about event, registration, and volunteer opportunities!  Let's get active!

We would like to thank ITC for hosting our program and creating new access opportunities for our visually impaired and blind players.

We are always looking for people of character to work alongside our participants and players, and from behind the scene. Join us! 

Looking to support us financially?  Connect with us to find out more about our needs.

To use sport as a vessel to create healthy communities. Learn more about our work at About Us.