Tennis adapted for the visually impaired was introduced to Canadians in 2011 by Alan Ma, a founding member of Change Through Sport, through the Blind Tennis Program in Toronto. Alan launched the program after being inspired by blind tennis programs in the United Kingdom and in Japan, where the sport originated from. He wanted to change the reality that less than 3% of Canadians with a disability and only 1% of those living with blindness or vision loss participate in sport (Active Living Alliance for Canadians with A Disability).

The primary goal of our program is to reduce barriers to this sport for the visually impaired community in Toronto. Since our inception, we have:

  • Offered a Blind Tennis program in Toronto for 9 years and counting to 40+ participants

  • Trained 40+ volunteers to support visually impaired participants in learning and playing the adapted sport of blind tennis

  • Supported the development of other blind tennis programs in Montreal, Coquitlam, and New Glasgow



  • Toronto Blind Tennis suspends programming due to COVID19 in 2020. Stay in touch with our coaches for further updates.

  • Toronto Blind Tennis to test a new collaboration for 2021 season with a local tennis club in Scarborough, ON. Stay tune for more news!

  • Maritimes on the verge of starting a new blind tennis program!


  • BCBSA promotes blind tennis in an event in Victoria, BC.




  • A British Columbia volunteer initializes a blind tennis program in Coquitlam

  • Toronto Blind Tennis coach trains and shares best practices with British Columbia blind tennis coach and volunteers


  • Toronto Blind Tennis hosts the first Blind Tennis Tournament for Canadian players!

  • Quebec Blind Sports Association (ASAQ) visits Toronto Blind Tennis and launches Sound Tennis in Montreal, Quebec. Click here for coverage and registration by ASAQ.





From left to right, special thanks to Arianna, Justina, Anthony, and Jennifer for their volunteer service since 2011!  The Toronto Blind Tennis initiative would not be where it is now without the support of this wonderful family.

Honorable Volunteer Mentions:

Tim Moon          Ian Ng          Katie Heung          Eugene Peng          William Lai         


Jennifer Lau          Joyce Sou          Jonathan Shui          Stephanie Kwan